Dr. Gino Yu

Associate Professor at The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong

Dr. Gino Yu

Associate Professor at The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong
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Dr. Gino Yu is world renowned for his work in consciousness, discovery, and leadership and guided by his love of the arts.

He has spoken at international events including TED, the Cannes Lion Festival, rAsia, the World Knowledge Forum, the International Music Summit, and the Creative Leadership Summit. For the last several years, he toured Europe and the United States with this workshop on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Self Discovery. He has also run transformational workshops for the management at companies such as Zappos and VisualDNA.

He also hosted the 2009 edition of The Science of Consciousness Conference. Currently an Associate Professor and Director of Digital Entertainment and Game Development in the School of Design at PolyU, his main area of research focuses on the application of media technologies to cultivate creativity and promote enlightened consciousness. Dr. Gino Yu received his BS and PhD at the University of California at Berkeley in 1987 and 1993 respectively and has over 80 conference and journal publications and is a contributor to the Huffington Post.



Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Self Discovery (Workshop)

For entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and professionals that are committed to their work and their family while engaging in personal interests and self development, maintaining a balanced life is a constant struggle. Competing demands for our time and energies tears at the psyche. Pushed to the extreme, something (our personal relationships, our intended career path, or our health) breaks.

By understanding the relationship between the stories that occupy our minds, the emotions that drive our actions, and the physiological processes that underpin these emotions, we can better appreciate and understand the dynamics of our life.

The more one understands one’s self, the easier it becomes to empathise with others.

Empathy is essential for our personal relationships, in the leadership of a team or organisation, and in engaging with investors or clients. True success in life isn’t about what you know, but how you engage and inspire others.

The workshop is based upon Dr. Gino Yu’s research in consciousness and the Recovering Creativity subject he developed and has taught for the past ten years at the postgraduate level.